Program Overview

The goal of our recovery program is to assist you in going beyond stabilization and into long-lasting recovery. At WAVE, we strive to restore every aspect of your health. The joint efforts of FDA-approved taper medications and scientifically renowned therapy options allow us to do this. By identifying the physical, mental, and emotional impacts of your addiction, we can help you develop the coping skills necessary to stay in recovery once you have completed our treatment program.

Detox and Stabilization



PHP or IOP and MAT

Phase Two of our recovery program marks the beginning of medically assisted treatment. After detox, you can enroll in either our partial hospitalization program (PHP) or our intensive outpatient program (IOP). A collaborative effort of professional recommendations and patient discussions will determine the best level of care for you. Once you meet with the Medical Director to go over your medication protocol, you will continue medically assisted treatment as you transition into either PHP or IOP.

In our partial hospitalization recovery program, treatment takes place five days a week for approximately 7 hours each day. This program typically lasts between two and four weeks. However, it all depends on your individual treatment needs. 

In our intensive outpatient recovery program, group therapy takes place on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. For individual sessions, you will meet with your assigned therapist once a week. Our IOP offers:

-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
-Solution-Focused Therapy
-Rapid Resolution Therapy

Our IOP also offers life skills training, job acquisition assistance, and contingency management (formally known as case management).

OP and Discharge

Discharge planning begins the minute you walk through our doors. We want to know what your goals are following treatment so that the staff at WAVE can tailor your discharge plan to meet those goals.

In Phase Three, the WAVE staff focuses on helping you build and commit to a lifelong recovery plan for when you’ve completed treatment with us.

After discharge, your outpatient group meetings will continue once a week for one hour. You and your therapist will also continue to meet for private one-on-one sessions once each week. At this point, you will have the freedom to schedule your private sessions at a time that is convenient for your new lifestyle.

If you choose to continue taking your MAT medication after discharge, our medical staff will refer you to a private MD for future prescriptions. We will do the same if you are on psychotropic medications such as an anti-depressant or anti-anxiety. Additionally, our treatment team will provide information about any of the local community services that you may want to implement into your new, recovery lifestyle.