Buprenorphine at WAVE

About Buprenorphine (C29H41NO4)

How it Works

Buprenorphine works to prevent withdrawal symptoms in opioid-addicted patients by producing opioid-like effects at continually diminished concentrations until the detox process is complete. At appropriate doses, it:

-helps patients stay comfortable during treatment
-reduces cravings until they vanish completely
-suppresses opioid withdrawal symptoms
-counters the effects of addictive opioids

Typically, Buprenorphine and Naltrexone are used together as a partial agonist-antagonist solution to treat opioid use disorder. However, it can also work as a standalone medication. And, unlike most other MAT medications, it comes in the form of either a pill or a sublingual tablet that dissolves under the tongue. For those struggling with addiction and wondering “How can I get help at a medical detox near me?,” consider Buprenorphine.