Treatment Services

Like any medication-assisted treatment program, WAVE takes care in utilizing FDA-approved medications to end the cycle of addiction. However, the efficacy of our program and the dedication of our team sets us apart. Our treatment professionals help patients in recovery manage the physical symptoms of their addictions by administering addiction-combative prescription medications in a secure medical environment. Additionally, they work to address the psychological and psychosocial sides of our patients' addictions through appropriate counseling and therapy.

What Kind of MAT Program is Right for Me?

Levels of Patient Care at WAVE

Different levels of patient care characterize each phase of our medication-assisted treatment program. At WAVE, we offer four of the five primary levels of addiction treatment patient care. These include:

-Medical Detox
-Partial Hospitalization
-Intensive Outpatient Care
-Post-treatment Outpatient Counseling

While WAVE does offer these levels of care, it is important to note that we do not provide inpatient care. As such, the first level of patient care— medical detox— is available to our patients through outside services at local detox facilities. So, Phase One of our medication-assisted therapy program is the only one to take place off-site.

Phases of Medication-Assisted Treatment

Our three-phase program combines standard models of behavioral therapy with FDA-approved medications for a personalized treatment experience. So, our program is designed to meet the needs of each individual patient.

The three phases of our core addiction treatment program are:

-Detox and Stabilization
-PHP or IOP and MAT
-OP and Discharge

Medications at WAVE

Several FDA-approved medications are frequently used in treatment plans for substance use disorders. The most effective ones for alcohol use disorder and opioid use disorder include buprenorphine and naltrexone— both of which we offer at Wave MAT.​