Self-Pay Therapy at WAVE

What is Self-Pay?

Self-pay, which is also sometimes called private payment, is a term used to describe out-of-pocket payments for health-related service expenses that insurance plans do not cover.

In other words, self-pay rehab is a payment option that allows patients to pay for their treatment by their own means and, usually, at their own pace.

How Exactly Does Self-Pay Work?

When it comes to the payments themselves, patients are free to use whatever means are available to them since they are paying out-of-pocket. Most of the time, patients can afford self-pay rehab by utilizing resources like:

-Crowdfunding (i.e., family or friends)
-Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)
-Lenders that specialize in rehab affordability
-Personal loans (e.g., banks, credit unions, etc.)
-Liquidation of personal assets (e.g., cars, boats, RVs, etc.)
-Personal finances (i.e., savings accounts, IRAs, 401K, etc.)

The Benefits of

One benefit of self-pay rehab is the option to pay in installments. A lot of people seem to believe that doing a self-pay payment plan means paying the entire cost of treatment all at once. While this is true for some facilities, most self-pay payment plans allow patients to cover their treatment by paying the total fee in installments— usually every month. Essentially, paying off a self-pay rehab payment plan follows the same basic principle as paying off a lease. 

Another benefit of self-pay therapy is that it is kept entirely private. Confidentiality is one of the most critical aspects of the treatment process. Most patients don’t want to advertise their recovery. This is why some patients choose to use self-pay even if they do have insurance. Doing this ensures that any records of treatment stay within the facility, making for increased confidentiality.

Self-Pay Therapy

While cost is something to consider when looking at different rehab facilities, it should not determine your final decision about where to go for treatment. Remember, addiction treatment is not a luxury— it’s an investment in a healthier, more fulfilling life free of substance addiction. Plus, in the long run, rehab is not as expensive as maintaining drug and alcohol habits. If you or your loved one are currently weighing your options for drug or alcohol treatment, consider self-pay rehab at WAVE Medically Assisted Therapy.