Meet Our Staff

The staff of WAVE is committed to providing the best care for each patient. In fact, the medication assisted treatment we provide is ideal for recovery from alcoholism, opioid addiction, or both. And, unlike many other programs, WAVE addresses both the addiction itself and its underlying factors. Plus, personalized plans like ours have much higher rates of success in addiction treatment than standard rehab programs. With this in mind, our clinical team is determined to give our patients the best possible chance of long-term recovery.

Brad Berkos

Chief Operating Officer

Brad Berkos is originally from the Chicago Metropolitan area, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree from Western Illinois University. Following his graduation, Brad began his career in the Healthcare industry in 1995 as a substance use disorder (SUD) counselor for the Northern Illinois Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (NICASA). Then, in 2003, Brad relocated to Florida to pursue other opportunities.

After exploring other areas, Brad returned to the field of SUD treatment and became a Certified Addiction Professional (CAP) in the State of Florida. Then, in 2010, he became the Program Director for Recovery Resources. His cumulative time at NICASA and Recovery Resources gave him the skill set and experience necessary to become an active leader in SUD treatment. 

Today, Brad is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of WAVE Medically Assisted Therapy. As COO, Brad oversees company operations and works closely with executives to uphold company standards. He also works to implement policies that improve business growth and visibility. 

Brad is always working hard to promote the vision and values of Wave MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment). As such, his goal is to reach as many people as possible so that the ones who struggle with SUD can receive the help they need to live out long, sober lives.

Mark Thompson

Clinical Director


Mark Thompson is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Master Certified Addictions Professional. He has been practicing his profession since 1997 and has worked in a variety of venues, from private practice to community based centers serving the indigent to high end private treatment centers. His career started on the West Coast of Florida and the lure of the large concentration of recovery centers brought him to the East Coast in 2004. 

He is himself a recovering substance abuser having over 23 years of ongoing recovery. He is a firm believer in the 12 Program. In addition, he understands that in the case of addiction recovery one size doesn’t fit all. Regardless of the substance abuse history, he believes that the individual can find recovery in any of the myriad recovery systems now in existence provided there is work being done internally. He has always believed that until the sick and suffering substance abuser finds a system like MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) that work for them, progress is halted and the probability of relapse skyrockets.

This philosophy and the philosophy of Wave Medically Assisted Therapy go hand in hand. Meeting the client where they are. Tailoring a medication assisted treatment program which is individually suited to the person and which has direct and ongoing input from the client is Mark’s top priority, knowing it is the best possible road to a life free from substances.

Joshua Schneidau

Program Director

Joshua Schneidau has specialized in the field of substance use disorder treatment for over three years. He is no stranger to addiction or the way it affects the lives of everyone involved. With over 20 years of personal experience, educational programs, and outreach involvement, Joshua strives to facilitate a smooth transition and bridge the gap between treatment and recovery.

Joshua’s educational experience and firsthand knowledge are a vital component in communicating the recovery process to clients. His course studies include the Certified Addiction Counseling (CAC) curriculum and continuing education classes such as suicide prevention, person-centered care, cultural core, mental health (NIH), and CPR & first aid. These core skills are fundamental in his work of breaking the barriers of substance use disorder. Joshua’s personal and educational experiences allow for effective dialog between clients, families, and the clinical team during the treatment and recovery process.

Joshua has met many unique and inspiring people on his recovery journey, both personally and professionally. As someone who has struggled with substance use disorder in the past, Joshua is aware that feelings of guilt, abandonment, resentment, and ego are some of the most challenging obstacles for anyone to overcome during the recovery process. As such, he strives to be a positive influence for others in recovery. He works to encourage his clients and help them facilitate a strong return to productive, fulfilling lives after treatment. His goal is to inspire thought, present challenges, and offer an alternative to dealing with addiction alone. No one should be alone on their journey to recovery.

Drew Frazier

Primary Therapist

MS, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

Drew Frazier developed a passion for mental health as a result of his own personal and family struggles with mental health and substance use disorder. He set off on the road toward healing and recovery early in college. Along the way, Drew found the hope and support he needed through counseling and personal spirituality. Those positive therapeutic experiences both challenged and encouraged Drew to pursue a career in a profession that would allow him to help others who were struggling the way he did.

Drew attended Palm Beach Atlantic University, where he received both his Bachelor of Arts in biblical and theological studies and his Master of Science in mental health counseling. He has a passion for working with clients who struggle with substance use disorder and other issues. His career as a therapist and clinician has extended through the nonprofit sector. Drew even has experience working in several private addiction treatment centers.

Like his peers, Drew strives to help others work through their unresolved trauma by incorporating a positive, spiritually-sensitive, strengths- and skills-based approach to treating substance use disorder and other mental health issues. As such, Drew has extensive training and experience in trauma-focused therapies, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and other alternative and integrative therapies.
As the Primary Therapist at WAVE Medically Assisted Therapy, Drew is committed to supporting those who are dedicated to their recovery. His primary objective is to teach valuable coping skills, identify significant obstacles and hang-ups, and help his clients process the unresolved trauma and grief that led to, maintains, or stems from their substance use. His goal is to ensure the best possible chances of longterm recovery and lifelong sobriety for his clients.